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Here is the final part of Chapter 1. Witness the excitement of the sue's meeting with Dumbledore!

Warnings: The usual, some sexual humor, language, a mary sue
Disclaimer: anything i reference isn't mine

A Meeting With DumbledoreCollapse )

Unfortunately I left my flash drive that contains my Twilight MST at my parents house so I found I horrible so fic on fanfiction.net that has 20 parts completed and the 21st is still going. Each section is about 40 chapters long and the author refers to them as novels. Without further adieu, let us begin the next Snagonagall sporking.
Warnings: fic contains OOCness and a sue, sporking contains strong language, occasionally lewd humor

It's a Sue!Collapse )

Criminal Minds Sporking: Will I?

I promise I am working on the Twilight sporking still. It's just taking long because of school, my job, and my low tolerance of Bella. I need a break from her, lest I suffer head trauma. So instead, since i am taking a break from schoolwork today, I decided to begin sporking a terrible fanfic of my favorite television show, criminal minds.
Criminal Minds is not mine, nor are any of the characters. I make no money off of my sarcasm.
Warnings: language, lewd humor, possibly triggering content in fic: very unrealistic portrayal of depression, descriptions of self-mutilation, and unrealistic portrayal of descrimination of homosexuals
Note: Please note that the purpose of the sporking is not to make fun of these situations; it is to make fun of the unrealistic way in which the author has portrayed these situations and how ridiculously OOC the characters are.

It's Emo-Prentiss!Collapse )

The Million-Dollar Sue Chapter VI, Part I

Once again, I am sorry I haven't posted for a while. School takes up a lot of time. Thank you all for your patience. Anything you recognize isn't mine, anything referenced isn't mine, the characters aren't mine, this terrible book isn't mine, and the term MST isn't mine. I'm not making any money off of this.
Warnings: violent and sexual references, offensive language

In Which the Sparkly Douche is Gone and Bella WhinesCollapse )

The Million-Dollar Sue Chapter 5, Part VII

The final part of Chapter 5. This is longer than usual because I wanted to finish this chapter.

Disclaimer: Twilight is not mine. Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall are not mine. Anything else reference isn't mine. These things have been used for satirical purposes only.

ExpositionCollapse )

ExpositionCollapse )

The Million-Dollar Sue Chapter V, Part VI

Hello all,
Thank you for your patience. I am now on Christmas break for the next three weeks so I will try to post more, but seeing as I will be applying to medical school in about a year I will be very busy. Thanks again for your patience. Here is the next section of Chapter 5.

Disclaimer: Nothing you recognize is mine.
Warnings: Profanity, references to violence towards Bella, profound stupidity, whining


CutCollapse )


The Million-Dollar Sue Chapter V, Part V

The chapter is really dragging, probably because there so much concentrated fail. Anyway, I don't know how many more sections of this chapter there will be, probably quite a few.
Warnings: Same old shit.
Disclaimer: See previous entries. The line about "charming the dew off the honeysuckle" is from the Golden Girls. The line about standing by your man is from a song by The Clash called "Stand By Your Man."

And now, the sadistic bastard is on the scene! Who's excited? .........Yeah, I thought so.


Never fear! A sadist is here!Collapse )





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